It's a strange looking name for a website, but Mugii sounded cool when I was playing with names, so here it is. It's main focus is printed mugs that are given as gifts to people that like that sort of thing.

Here is a brief introduction then to this website and what you're going to find here.

Printed Mugs

coffee mug i drink therefore i amFor anyone that works in an office or at a desk in some way, shape or form, a nice cup of coffee or tea here and there during the working day is a refreshing and often necessary beverage that helps to get through the day.

Some people are content to drink from paper or styrofoam cups from the canteen, while others prefer a more robust and solid feeling ceramic mug.

While many of those mugs are simple, plain containers and get the job done with the minimum of fuss, not everyone is content with plain and boring!

Enter the printed mug, complete with clever, sometimes funny slogan accompanied by a small cartoon image or similar printed on the side. They cheer up the owner, especially if it's a well thought out gift from a loved one or good friend. They even cheer up other co-workers, at least the first time they see it.

So what are the things that get printed on the side of drinking mugs?

To see some examples I've included a few below with links to pages on this site where you can see more images of some great looking and interesting slogans, quotes or cute things all expertly printed on good quality ceramic mugs that you can buy for a reasonable price online and have them delivered to your home.

Check them out!